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The Future of Digital Humanities, are libraries essential?

Digital Humanities (DH) has no official definition as a discipline, for it incorporates every element from the humanities faculty such as languages, history, literature, music, media, computer science, etc. (David M. Merry, 2019). This merger of the humanities and digitisation has arguably challenged the way in which students of these subjects interact with the texts […]

Is Big Brother Watching You? The Ethical questions of Metadata

Consumption of information is crucial to libraries and information-based institutions, through the usage of various information retrieval services the user is able to readily access data. To do this, metadata standards must be in place to locate, and extract the information the user is searching for in a succinct, and easily managed way. Often when […]

Data usage and health

This is a reflective blog post taking into consideration what I have learnt during the first two weeks of my full time MA course Library Science. What I have found most interesting is the way in which data has shaped our lives and potentially our futures, especially in relation to our mental and physical health.  […]

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